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Une belle démonstration de barre de fer et musculation dans une rue Ukraine, où se retrouve de nombreux adepte du Street Workout (Entrainement de rue). Un beau mélange de force et d’agilité est nécessaire pour arriver à réaliser ces exploits sportifs.

816 – Reverse Chop Dumbbell Bosu exercise – Reverse Chop Dumbbell Bosu exercise — Video and images of the Reverse Chop Dumb…

Official. BOSU Balance Trainer. Burpee. Douglas Brooks.

Official. BOSU Balance Trainer. BOSU Ballast Ball. Ball Toss Switch Jump. Douglas Brooks. Jay Blahnik.

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Twisting with a stick to Motley Crue’s Wildside using three BOSU balls. I have never used three like this before so this was new territory for me. I busted m…

Official BOSU Xplode Series DVD – Fuse Workout Preview.

Here’s some playing around and experimenting with combining movement, power and balance. Clincher at the end!

In this clip, Cory Everson narrates and demonstrates some upper body exercises for the shoulders, arms, and back.