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Advanced Bosu Superman pushups to build a strong, defined core. Watch Chaunda, founder of The Bella Fitness Group demonstrate this move. Great for your next workout! Visit for more tips and fitness ideas.

Part of BOSU workout, courtesy of Mike Donavanik CPT, PES:

Train like an athlete and you’ll move like an athlete. Quit is not an option.

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This 25 minute workout uses only the BOSU ball and works the entire body—cardio, balance, upper body, lower body, and lots of CORE! Options for all fitness levels!

Get in Shape 3 _ BOSU Ball Exercise Routines

Lose Fat & Build Muscle _ How to Jog on a Bosu Ball

Le Bosu® est l’outil idéal pour renforcer l’équilibre et la stabilité du centre du corps. Il peut être intégré à tout les types de cours collectifs ainsi qu’…

This week the focus is more exercises you can do on the BOSU! Workout with Terri Gonzales, personal trainer and owner of decore Fitness Studio in College Sta… – Elizabeth Larkam teaches a Mat class on the BOSU® that will challenge your core in a new way. She uses weight changes that wi…