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We love the versatility of the BOSU, which stands for both sides up. Weather you work with the unstable ball side facing down or up, you can use this fitne. …

To learn more about the BLUE BOSU go here: The Pink BOSU go here: HOW to use a BOS…

Yoga Dynamics Workout by BeFit in 90

Crunchless Abs Workout – Crunch Free Ab Workout Routine

Jump Rope Workout Routine – Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises

Advanced Battle Rope/Bosu Ball Exercises: Core, Arms, Shoulders & Legs
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Sometimes all you need to kick your workout into overdrive is a little instability. That’s why trainer Storm Newton designed this 10-minute workout with a BOSU that will have you burning 100 calories and toning muscle groups you never knew you had! Ready to kick your workout up a notch? Grab a BOSU and burn, burn, burn! – Pilates Anytime is proud to welcome Erika Ridel Quest to our site with this Mat class utilizing a BOSU ball. Erika shares her…

Lean Body Yoga with Attitude Workout – Yoga Dance Fusion- Sydney Benner

1000 Calorie Workout – HIIT Cardio, Strength, Kickboxing and Abs Workout to Burn 1000 Calories